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Flexible Low Risk Exposure won Refinitiv Lipper Award Switzerland 23 and Premio Alto Rendimento 22

Flexible Low Risk Exposure a sub-fund of Base Investments Sicav, promoted and managed by Banca del Sempione SA, has won the Refinitiv Lipper Fund Award 2023 as the best sub-fund in the Mixed Asset EUR - Global category over a period of ten years and Premio Alto Rendimento 2022 promoted by the 24 ORE Group as the best fund in the Mixed Bond category.

The achievement of this prestigious award confirms the quality of our management models and represents a point of honor for our Institute and for the Ticino financial centre.


Hereafter the words of the Deputy General Manager of Banca del Sempione and Head of the Financial Area, Pietro Scibona: 

”The main objective of Banca del Sempione SA is to provide its customers with a high quality service that can last over time. We are therefore very proud of the recent awards obtained, which push us to continue working with commitment and dedication in this direction.

We wish to thank all those who have contributed to this important result, in particular the investment manager, Giorgio Bertoli, for the brilliant results obtained during all these years.”

Highlights, News

Bonds Value won Refinitiv Lipper Award Europe & Switzerland 2022 and Premio Alto Rendimento 2021


Bonds Value sub-fund wins 2022 Refinitiv Lipper Fund Award in Europe & in Switzerland as best fund in the group "Bond Global EUR" over 3 years and 2021 Premio Alto Rendimento, sponsored by Gruppo 24 ORE, as best fund in the group "Bond EUR - Diversified".


For more information please click HERE. 

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